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17Schools granting degrees in health sciences, liberal arts, life sciences, engineering, and more

7,100+degrees granted in 2018–19

29,530+students attending IUPUI in fall 2019

Spotlighting IUPUI Success

Creating a syringe services program

Student success

IUPUI student Madisan Weintraut works with the Marion County Public Health Department and helped create a syringe services program.?With a three-year grant from the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation, the?Safe Syringe Access and Support Program?officially kicked off in April.

EPIC starts in October

广西快3高手计划Campus success

IUPUI will begin implementing programs to improve the institutional climate and to address inequities in the representation, retention and advancement of women, particularly women of color, in the tenured ranks of science, technology, engineering and mathematical science departments.

Art collaborations

广西快3高手计划Faculty success

Herron School of Art and Design faculty Joseph Mella?hopes to?engage students and build connections, especially across the institution to schools like music and medicine.?When students are exposed to art within a larger context through collaborative, trans-institutional experiences, often through multiple entry points, they are able to participate in the complexity of a given idea.

Faces of IUPUI

Nasser H. Paydar


广西快3高手计划“This year, we have taken advantage of the opportunity to tell our countless stories of success, and we look forward to the next fifty years.”

Career Outcomes

67%of 2017 graduates completed at least one internship

83%of 2017 graduates work in positions related to their field of study

92%of 2017 graduates reported positive career outcomes

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